• We will establish what you are looking for
  • We will get to know you and your subject in detail
  • We will give you a quote for different sizes
  • We only take a deposit if you wish to go ahead
  • Hazel will discuss the proposed composition
  • You will be sent regular photo and video updates
  • You can have calls with Hazel at any time during the process
  • Balance is only due only when you are ecstatically happy
  • Tears of joy are pretty common upon unveiling, so get your tissues ready.
  • If Hazel’s quote is too high – we will recommend other artists.
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Capturing Eternity: Commissioning a Timeless Portrait by Hazel Morgan

In the realm of art, few experiences are as intimate and profound as commissioning a custom portrait. The ability to immortalize a loved one, a cherished memory, or even oneself through the expert hands of a talented artist is a gift that transcends time. Among the artists who excel in this realm, Hazel Morgan stands as a maestro of portraiture, seamlessly weaving stories of life onto canvas with her mastery of oil paintings.

The Artistic Alchemy: Oil on Canvas

The cornerstone of Hazel Morgan’s artistic process is her skillful use of oil paints on canvas. This centuries-old medium brings an unparalleled depth and vibrancy to her portraits, allowing her to capture the nuances of her subjects with a level of detail that borders on magical. Every brushstroke is imbued with intention, every hue meticulously chosen to resonate with the subject’s essence.

Through the alchemy of oil on canvas, Morgan is able to harness light and shadow in a dance that breathes life into her creations. The texture of skin, the gleam in the eye, and the gentle curve of a smile all come alive under her brush, creating portraits that are not just mere likenesses, but windows into the souls of those captured.

The Commissioning Odyssey

Commissioning a portrait by Hazel Morgan is a journey of collaboration and connection. The process begins with a heartfelt conversation between the artist and the patron, where the vision, emotion, and intention behind the portrait are discussed. Whether the subject is a family member, a beloved pet, or even oneself, Morgan’s keen intuition allows her to grasp the essence of the story to be told.

Step 1: Choosing the Medium

A pivotal decision in the commissioning process is choosing whether the portrait will be created through live sittings or from photographs. Live sittings offer a unique opportunity for subjects to be intimately engaged in the creative process, allowing Morgan to capture their essence in the moment. On the other hand, working from photographs provides a more flexible option, particularly for those who may be geographically distant or for capturing specific moments frozen in time.

Step 2: Capturing the Essence

For live sittings, subjects have the privilege of experiencing the artist’s skill firsthand. Morgan’s ability to put her subjects at ease during these sessions ensures that she captures the truest representation of their spirit. Through engaging conversations and shared moments, she distills their essence onto canvas, creating a work of art that is as authentic as it is exquisite.

When working from photographs, Morgan employs her acute observation skills to extract the essence from the frozen image. The subtleties of expression, the play of light, and the emotional currents that ripple beneath the surface are all translated into her brushstrokes, resulting in a portrait that resonates with life.

Step 3: The Transformation

As the artist’s brush dances across the canvas, the transformation from mere paint to captivating portrait unfolds. The magic of oil paints comes alive as the layers build, each one contributing to the depth, texture, and realism of the final piece. Morgan’s mastery of color theory and her ability to capture the interplay of light and shadow are the cornerstones that breathe soul into each stroke.

A Portrait of Timelessness

Commissioning a portrait by Hazel Morgan is not just an acquisition of art; it’s an investment in emotion, connection, and legacy. Her oil paintings on canvas carry the weight of stories, memories, and moments frozen in time. They are windows to the past, bridges to the present, and heirlooms for the future.

Through her artistic prowess, Hazel Morgan crafts portraits that go beyond the surface, reaching into the depths of the human experience. With her keen eye, expert technique, and the reverence she holds for her subjects, she transforms canvas and oil into portals of emotion, inviting us to traverse the landscapes of the heart.

So, whether you choose to embark on the journey of a live sitting or entrust the artist with a treasured photograph, the result will be a portrait that captures not just physicality, but the very essence of what it means to be human. Commissioning a portrait by Hazel Morgan is an odyssey that culminates in a masterpiece—a timeless tribute to the stories that define us all.