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Hazel has painted CEOs and CFOs across the US, UK and Europe, and her work hangs in some of the most prestigious corporate offices that demand the best portrait artist available.

Commissioning a Executive Portrait Painting by Professional Portrait Artist Hazel Morgan

Executive business portraits are a timeless way to honor achievements and commemorate success. They serve as a physical representation of an individual’s career and are often hung in boardrooms, headquarters, and office spaces to inspire and motivate. Professional portrait artist Hazel Morgan specializes in creating stunning oil portraits from photographs on canvas, capturing the essence of an individual in a way that truly honors their achievements.

Oil painting is a classic medium that has been used for centuries to create beautiful and long-lasting works of art. When you commission an oil portrait from Hazel Morgan, you can be assured that the final product will be a high-quality masterpiece that will stand the test of time. Hazel has mastered the techniques of oil painting on canvas and knows how to create a piece that is both stunning and durable.

Corporate portraits are often commissioned to honor lifetime achievement, and Hazel Morgan understands the importance of capturing the talent and essence of the individual being commemorated. She works closely with her clients to understand their vision and create a portrait that truly captures the essence of the individual. Her portraits are not only beautiful, but they also convey the subject’s personality and career accomplishments in a way that is both respectful and inspiring.

When it comes to corporate portraits, there are a few key individuals who are often commemorated, including the Chairman, CEO, CFO, and Directors. These portraits are typically hung in boardrooms or other prominent places in the company’s headquarters. They serve as a constant reminder of the individuals who have contributed to the success of the company and inspire others to strive for similar achievements.

Hazel Morgan’s expertise in creating corporate portraits has made her a trusted choice for many businesses looking to honor their key personnel. Her ability to create stunning portraits from photographs ensures that even those who may no longer be with the company can be commemorated in a meaningful way. Her portraits capture the essence of the individual and serve as a tribute to their career and the impact they had on the company.

In conclusion, commissioning a corporate portrait painting by professional portrait artist Hazel Morgan is a timeless way to honor success and achievement. Her mastery of oil painting on canvas ensures that the final product will be both stunning and long-lasting. By capturing the talent and essence of the individual being commemorated, Hazel’s portraits serve as a lasting tribute to their career and impact on the company. If you are looking to honor an individual’s career achievements, consider commissioning a portrait from Hazel Morgan.


Creating a stunning portrait requires effective communication and collaboration with my clients every step of the way. As a portrait painter, I understand the importance of understanding your vision and preferences when you commission a portrait. That’s why we’ll have a friendly chat to discuss your exact requirements, ensuring that I can bring your desired portrait to life. If you’re unsure about what you want, there’s no need to worry because I have extensive experience in guiding and advising my customers.

To make the process even smoother, I have compiled a comprehensive guide to commissioning a portrait on this website. It offers valuable insights on how to capture suitable photos for me to work from and provides a detailed overview of the entire process, from start to finish. If you’re curious and want to learn more, simply click the link below. You’ll also find a list of frequently asked questions that may address any queries you have. Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any additional questions or concerns—I’m here to assist you.