Hazel is a multi-award-winning professional portrait artist.

She not only has the ability to capture what she sees but is able to reach into the soul of her subject, painting each person as if she has known them for years. Her work captures precious moments in time, creating a legacy for future generations.

As Hazel says, “I am able to capture moments that allow people to relive magical memories for years to come. I love receiving phone calls from my clients telling me they are still moved by a commission, often many years after it was completed.”

Capturing Souls on Canvas: The Masterful Portraits of Award-Winning Artist Hazel Morgan


In the realm of art, there are individuals whose mastery transcends time and medium, leaving a lasting impression on those fortunate enough to experience their work. One such luminary is the award-winning portrait artist Hazel Morgan, whose breathtaking oil paintings have earned her a place of honor in the annals of art history.


The Brushstroke of Genius


Hazel Morgan’s artistic journey is one characterized by dedication, innovation, and an unyielding passion for capturing the essence of her subjects. With a canvas as her stage and oil paints as her orchestra, Morgan orchestrates a symphony of colors, emotions, and stories in each stroke of her brush.

Her portraits are more than just visual representations; they are vivid windows into the souls of her subjects. With an uncanny ability to encapsulate personalities, emotions, and stories within her canvases, Morgan transforms simple portraits into portals that transport viewers into the lives and experiences of her subjects.


The Magic of Oil on Canvas


At the heart of Hazel Morgan’s artistic process lies the use of oil paints on canvas. This classic medium offers her a rich and dynamic palette to work with, allowing her to achieve a depth of color and texture that brings her subjects to life in ways that other mediums simply cannot replicate. The interplay of light and shadow, the nuances of skin tones, and the subtleties of emotions are all elevated through the use of oil paints.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Morgan’s work is her adeptness at capturing the interplay of light on the human form. Whether it’s the soft glow of sunlight dancing on a subject’s face or the dramatic chiaroscuro that accentuates the contours of their features, Morgan’s skillful manipulation of light creates a tangible sense of presence within her paintings.


Bridging Realities: Live Sittings and Photographs


Morgan’s commitment to her craft is evident in her approach to capturing her subjects. She offers two distinct avenues: live sittings and photographs. Each approach presents unique challenges and rewards, and Morgan’s adaptability and expertise shine through in both scenarios.

During live sittings, Morgan engages with her subjects in real-time, using her artistic intuition to capture their essence as they interact. This method allows her to not only capture their physical features but also the energy and aura that surround them. The spontaneity of live sittings infuses a sense of life and authenticity into the portraits, resulting in captivating and emotionally charged works of art.

On the other hand, working from photographs gives Morgan the opportunity to meticulously study her subjects’ features and expressions. This method is particularly useful when live sittings are not feasible due to geographical constraints or time limitations. Morgan’s ability to extract details from photographs and breathe life into them on canvas is a testament to her artistic prowess and dedication to her craft.

A Legacy of Excellence


Hazel Morgan’s artistic journey has been marked by numerous accolades and awards. Her ability to create portraits that resonate deeply with viewers has garnered her recognition from art critics, peers, and collectors alike. Her work has been showcased in prestigious galleries, museums, and exhibitions around the world, solidifying her status as a masterful portrait artist.

Morgan’s impact extends beyond the confines of the art world. Through her evocative paintings, she invites us to connect with the diverse stories that make up the tapestry of humanity. Her portraits serve as bridges between past, present, and future, allowing us to glimpse into the lives and emotions of individuals captured in a moment of vulnerability and truth.

In conclusion, Hazel Morgan’s oil paintings on canvas are not merely artworks; they are conduits of empathy, portals to the human experience, and tributes to the timeless art of portraiture. Her ability to harness the power of oil paints and her keen eye for capturing the soul within her subjects set her apart as an artist of unparalleled skill. As her legacy continues to evolve, we can only anticipate the captivating narratives she will weave and the lives she will immortalize through her brushstrokes.

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