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Stunning Equestrian / Equine Portrait Paintings Commissioned from Live Meetings or Photographs.


Equine Artist

Commissioning a Professional Equestrian Portrait Painting by Artist Hazel Morgan

Equestrian portrait paintings are a timeless and classic way to capture the beauty, strength, and personality of your beloved equine companion. Professional portrait artist, Hazel Morgan, is well-known for her exquisite oil portraits that are painted with great attention to detail and a deep understanding of the equine form.

Portraits from Photographs

Hazel Morgan creates her equestrian portraits from photographs, which means you can have a portrait of your horse without them having to stand for hours at a time. All you need to do is provide a high-quality photograph of your horse and Hazel will use that as a reference for the painting.

Oil on Canvas

Hazel uses oil on canvas to create her portraits, which gives them a classic and timeless look. Oil paintings are known for their rich colors and ability to capture intricate details, making them the perfect medium for capturing the beauty of your horse.

Horse and Equine Portraits

Whether you are a polo player, own a racehorse, stud, pony, or simply want to honor your beloved companion, Hazel can capture their essence in an equestrian portrait. From capturing the action of a gallop, trot or canter, Hazel can paint the horse in full body or head only portraits. Hazel is a very experienced rider and competed in her earlier years so has a deep understanding and knowledge to create a beautiful portrait that will capture the memory of your loyal equine friend for years to come.

Winners in Horse Racing and Equestrian Competitions

If your horse is a race winner or fared well in dressage competitions, then an equestrian portrait is the perfect way to celebrate their achievements. Hazel can capture the power and speed of your horse on canvas, creating a beautiful and lasting memory of their success.

Stables and Riding

Hazel also creates portraits of horses in a stable or riding setting, capturing their behavior and personality in their natural environment. Whether your horse is a hunter, jumper, or simply a pleasure riding companion, Hazel can create a beautiful portrait that reflects their unique personality.

Beautiful Treasure

Hazel’s equestrian portraits are beautiful treasures that will last a lifetime. Whether you are looking to capture the beauty of your horse or celebrate their achievements, Hazel can create a painting that will be cherished for generations to come. Her attention to detail and skill as an artist are unmatched, making her the perfect choice for anyone looking to commission an equestrian portrait.

Strong, Powerful, Fast, Speedy, Swift, Active

Hazel’s equestrian portraits are known for their ability to capture the strength, power, and speed of horses. Whether your horse is agile, agreeable, alert, amazing, or just amusing, Hazel can capture their essence on canvas. From bomb-proof to brave, and bright-eyed to awe-inspiring, Hazel’s paintings showcase the unique personality and beauty of each horse she paints.

In conclusion, commissioning a professional equestrian portrait by Hazel Morgan is a beautiful way to capture the memory of your beloved equine companion. Her skill as an artist and deep understanding of the equine form make her the perfect choice for anyone looking to commission an oil on canvas portrait of their horse. Whether your horse is a winner, a pleasure riding companion, or simply a beloved pet, Hazel can create a beautiful and lasting memory of their unique personality and beauty.

Equine Artist

Equine Artist Hazel Morgan

Hazel Morgan has distinguished herself as a preeminent equine artist, possessing an extraordinary ability to capture the majestic spirit and graceful dynamism of horses in her work. Her reputation as a leading equine artist is built upon a foundation of acute observation, skilled technique, and a profound understanding of these noble animals. Morgan’s equine portraits are not mere representations; they are vivid narratives that articulate the soul of the equine subject.

In the niche field of equine artistry, an equine artist like Morgan brings more than just technical skills to the canvas. She brings a sense of history and tradition, an appreciation for the storied relationship between horses and humans. An equine artist must understand the anatomical precision required to depict horses authentically, but also the subtleties of personality and character that make each horse an individual. Hazel Morgan’s equine paintings reflect this deep comprehension, showcasing not just the physical beauty of horses but also their individual temperaments and the essence of their being.

Hazel Morgan’s passion for horses shines through her work, earning her a well-deserved place among the top equine artists. Her attention to detail, from the texture of the horse’s coat to the intensity in its eyes, conveys a realism that is palpable. As an equine artist, Morgan’s ability to translate the power and movement of horses onto a static medium is nothing short of remarkable. The horses in her paintings seem almost to move within the frame, so lifelike and full of energy are her depictions.

An equine artist of Morgan’s caliber is sought after not just for her ability to replicate the appearance of horses but to interpret and express their noble spirits. Her works are a celebration of the equine form, a testament to her skill and dedication to the subject matter. As an equine artist, she understands that each brushstroke carries with it the weight of representing a species that has been intertwined with human history for millennia.

Hazel Morgan stands out in the equine art community for her distinct style that captures both the elegance and the wildness of horses. Her role as an equine artist extends beyond creating art; it involves chronicling the lives of these majestic creatures, each painting a chapter in a larger story. Her equine paintings are sought after by collectors and horse enthusiasts alike, who appreciate the soulful connection that Morgan is able to forge between viewer and subject.

The art of the equine artist is a delicate balance between realism and interpretation, and Morgan navigates this with ease. Her equine paintings are rich with emotion and atmosphere, inviting viewers to experience a moment of tranquility, power, or freedom alongside the horse. This emotional resonance is what sets her apart and defines her as a leading equine artist.

Morgan’s journey as an equine artist is marked by a lifelong love and respect for horses. This deep-seated passion is evident in every piece she creates, as she strives to honor the legacy and beauty of these animals. An equine artist is not made overnight, and Hazel Morgan’s years of dedication to her craft are evident in the depth and quality of her paintings.

As an equine artist, Morgan is not only a painter but also a storyteller. Her portraits tell tales of triumph, of the quiet companionship between horse and rider, and of the wild heart that beats in every domesticated horse. Through her work, Hazel Morgan, the equine artist, invites us to look beyond the surface and to see the noble spirit that has made horses beloved by so many throughout the ages.

In conclusion, Hazel Morgan’s body of work solidifies her status as an exceptional equine artist. Her equine paintings are more than just art; they are a bridge between the human and equine worlds, a celebration of the profound bond that exists between them. Each portrait, each scene that Morgan paints, is an homage to the timeless beauty of horses. As an equine artist, her name will undoubtedly be remembered for generations to come, not only for the masterful paintings she has created but for the way she has captured the hearts of those who love horses through her art.