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Why Commission a Portrait Artist like Hazel Morgan?

Portraiture comes in a variety of forms, from photography to sketches to oils, so why choose professional portrait painters when there are so many other options? Well, there are plenty of good reasons that a portrait artist who specialises in the medium will be able to offer you something that is all together different from a photo, for example. Like many other successful portrait painters, Hazel Morgan is classically trained which means that likenesses are top-quality. Despite this being something that you might expect from photography, by way of comparison, the likeness is rendered in a completely different way. Furthermore, classical training in oils brings something else to the table that most other mediums can’t offer. Top-quality portrait painters can dive into the soul a little more and create an image that is able to capture a particular moment, emotion or characteristic. In the best cases of facial representations, a portrait artist will be able to capture all three and more. Remember that portraiture is about projecting an image, in many cases, just as much as capturing one.

A good portrait artist will also be able to create something that can be deeply personal, going far beyond a mere image of face. As such, portraiture of a loved-one makes for an excellent gift, not just something to commission for yourself. It is worth noting that long sittings are not necessarily required in order to capture a really strong image that will stand the test of time in oils. Experienced portrait painters, like Hazel Morgan, are able to work well from photographs of the subject, if required. Even without the personal contact that a sitting inevitably allows for, a strong portrait artist will be able to capture that ‘having got to know you’ feeling even from a photographic image.

One of the main reasons for many people to choose a portrait artist for a commission is the finished product. Although an image of a yourself or a family member can be made in other ways, there is something about the sight of a painted portrait that evokes a long-lasting, even timeless, quality. Perhaps this is because, historically speaking, we have used portrait painters to record those important moments in life. With the advent of modern technology, this practice may have waned, but a well painted portrait, especially one fashioned in oils, harks back to an earlier era with more connection to the past. As such, painted portraits have a sense of longevity that other mediums are just not able to match. If you want to commission an artist, the Hazel Morgan is the artist to choose.